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X-Project is a student society at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S. that offers small group educational assistance, recreational and leadership programs for African Canadian and Mi’kmaw youth in five communities in the surrounding area. It has been in existence since 1965 and is run entirely by volunteers. 


What is x-Project?


Each year X-Project is invited by the five communities to provide programming for children. Community members support X-Project through serving as board members, training new volunteers, coordinating registration in their own communities, offering their homes for programming nights and volunteering in various other capacities. 



 Each week a number of student volunteers board vans and buses and head out to the communities to work with the children in their homes or in community centers, helping with homework, playing educational games, and being a mentor. Our goal is to support children to be successful in school and to help them set goals for their future. Occasionally X-Project also works with adult learners who may be back in school or just looking to improve their education levels.


Approximately four times each term, youth from the communities are brought to the St.F.X. campus for recreational programs such as Sports days, Halloween and Christmas Parties, swimming, bowling, and skating.


Each year we work with the teens in the communities to provide youth leadership programs. This often involves several Saturday trips in to the university to meet as a group and participate in activities and workshops that help to develop leadership skills. The youth leaders also help to plan workshops and activities for their own communities and act as leaders for recreational programs and weekly educational assistance. Each March, the youth leaders come to St.F.X. to participate in the youth leadership weekend where they engage in activities and workshops that they have helped to plan throughout the year.

our TEAM:
Lisa Lunney Borden 
Laura Pickersgill 

Program Coordinator 


April Prosper 

First Nation Support at East Antigonish education centre/academy


Shelia Pelly 

Deputy Warden Municipality of the District of Guysborough

eastermama3944@gmail.com /


Michael Adetola

Student Employee

Summer-Joy Upshaw 

Student Employee


As well as holding events on-campus, our volunteers travel to communities in the surrounding area, which include:

  • Antigonish

  • Paqtnkek

  • Guysborough

  • Pictou Landing

  • Port Hawkesbury

  • New Glasgow



42 West St.

Antigonish, NS

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